Beard Oil 30ml

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Natural and Handmade Beard Oil in a Stainless Steel Bottle with Metal Lid & Laser Printed Logo

Size: 30 ml


Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and as essential oils Neroli & Eucalyptus

Fragrance: SISU

This oil keeps your beard and skin moisturized and healthy while your beard is easy to manage. It also prevents inflammation and nourish the skin, and yeah it smells good too! Our oil is a bit thicker than many others on the market and this makes the oil last longer and work good in all climates.

Luonnollinen ja käsintehty Partaöljy Suomesta!

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Natural and Classic Beard Oil in a 30ml Stainless steel bottle.

Here is the thing you are looking for.
If you are not currently grasping the essence of manliness that is your beard. Well, frankly. This is not the place for you.

Our Beard Oil is handmade in Finland, where we have been manly for decades. Not just acting cool on socialmedia.

How to use Beard Oil

Pour a few drops of SISUMAN in your palm or on your fingertips (how much depends on your beard) and rub it between your hands to even the distribution. Next step is to start working the oil into your skin and beard, remember the mustache area. We prefer to apply oil after a shower when the pores are open. Find your own unique way that works best for you!

You can find tips and videos under the link ”Beard care”.

8 thoughts on “Beard Oil 30ml”

  1. Love this new bottles, feels more real with the laser printed logos, easier to get right amount of oil in your palm. And yes the oil is top-notch to, smells great, coconut/mintish fragrance and the thickness is perfect.

  2. Cant walk without sisuman beardoil in my beard any more.
    Using the oil 6 month now and my beard feel great!

  3. Nice thick oil with the best bottle, ever. Smells good and scent is not too strong. I’ll refill my stock ASAP.

  4. In a few months I will celebrate one year anniversary with sisuman beardoil! Its a very high quality and it suits my beard perfect! I never have less then two bottles at home.

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