About sisuman

About Sisuman

Who we are

Sisuman is an all male brand out of Finland that strives to offer quality & unique products to extraordinary men all across the globe.

The Sisuman brand offers products within Cigar accessories, Beard care, Clothing & other vital gear for the everyday Gentleman. Sisuman is based in Finland, but offers Worldwide Shipping. We strive for greatness and complete customer satisfaction. If there are any questions at all, feel free to contact us. We will always help You to get what You want.

Our Story

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Our story started deep down in the Finnish forest, in close contact with the male roots and values. There wasn’t anything like our brand at that time to provide crucial male equipment that wasn’t just necessary, but also enjoyable. We were the first brand to make natural beard care products here and we immediately started to explore the needs of other male products. Products from us aren’t just things you need in everyday life, they are products that really can make your day more enjoyable.!

The Finnish word Sisu that our brand is based on means something like Grit, guts and strength. It’s about taking action against the odds. Men that constantly work towards their goals despite repeated failures have Sisu.
This kind of strength is something that we want to showcase. This is also what we do on our social media platforms. We create entertaining material that demonstrates SISU for you to enjoy. Tag your pictures with #sisuman and join the journey, be a Sisuman!

Sisu exists in all men deep down, you just have to find it.