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Do you have potential to reach your life goals?

Sisuman Ambassador and MMA Fighter Glenn "Teddy Bear" Sparv just came off another win in the Australian Fighting Championship (AFC). The bout in China against veteran Yuki Sasaki went down as an first round TKO for Sparv. Congrats on another Win, Glenn!


In today's Blog Post The man himself talks a bit about potential. Do you have the potential to do the things you want in life? To reach your life goals? Let's see what Glenn thinks about the matter:


- I'm genuinely a nice guy and I don´t like people wasting their potential, so I'm gonna set some stuff straight here. I'm not putting this here and expecting everyone to be a professional athlete or something, this adapts to everyone. I just want you to take a minute and think about what is your true potential. Can you do something to improve your life situation? Are you happy? Could you do more in life? What is really your full potential?


"We can´t all be Usain Bolts or Mark Zuckerbergs but we can all be great in our own personal way"


Sometimes you get to hear this sentence: "Everyone is created equal and we all have the same chance to succeed in life". I call this Bullshit! We were not all born with the same opportunities here in life, we do not all have the freedom to do whatever the fuck we would like to do. Every person has a unique set of strengths which he or she can use to reach personal success in life.  Every person also has their own unique set of challenges that inhibit them in achieving such success and providing a daily struggle to live life. But if you are reading this you were probably not born with that many challenges that keeps you from living and reaching your full potential.


Why do I believe that? Because you are probably connected to some wireless network and sitting at Starbucks sipping your frappuccino while using your Iphone to read this. Think about that kid sitting in a refugee camp somewhere or that kid starving in his village in Africa. He might never have the opportunity to even try to follow his dreams. For him surviving another day might feel like a success. I'm definitely not saying these people can't reach success, they are just born with many more challenges that can stop them. They come in to this world with the odds already against them and sadly most of them will not be able to go a day without have to struggle to survive.

For you who are able to read this, you were probably born with better odds, exactly like me. You might not be born perfect, but that don´t mean that you were born without a unique set of skills, so find them and use them. You have a lot less convincing excuses to use.


Your excuse is invalid.



Some people are trying to find excuses and trying to create challenges that don´t even exist, trying to find reasons why they shouldn't be using their talent or strength and why they shouldn't pursuit their passion. There is no valid excuse not to be the best you can be.



You are scared. Not only scared of failing but scared of what you might become, how your life will change if you actually reach your potential. Fear because it´s gonna be tough, it will drive you financially and mentally to the bottom.

Let's get it out of the way right now. You will probably hit rock bottom a couple of times, fail a couple of times. No one gets it right the first time. Failure is how we learn, adapt, and toughen up so we can get to the point where we can succeed. Don't be scared to fail. Get over it and move forward. In our world, failure is everywhere, but fortunately, it's also what keeps us all going. We are all gonna go through tough times, we can't avoid it, it’s part of life.


What you need

Surround yourself with good people and people that believe in you. They will support you in good times and bad times. If you can´t find these people at the low point in your life or after a failure, you need to get rid of them, you need to send them to the island called "Go Fuck Yourself". I have most of my time had good people around me, they believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. They pushed me to keep going when I wanted to quit. But I also had to get rid of some people.

If I could have seen everything or if someone informed me of all the struggle, all the failing, all the bullshit I was gonna go trough already until this point in my MMA career, what if I knew all that before I started? It wouldn't change a god damn thing. I would do it all over again, call me stupid and I'll probably agree but at least I did it my way and I tried to live up to my full pontential.

Don´t wait for tomorow, because tomorrow might never come. Go out there, embrace the struggle, use your talent and live up to your full potential. Be a SISUMAN and reach your life goals!


Now I am going to drink my Celebration-Frappuccino and then back to work. Hard, hard work!


/ Glenn


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April 23rd, 2017