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The 5 best cheap cigars with Jamie Johnston

Many seem to think that cigars is all about who can afford the most expensive ones as these are always better than cheaper sticks. Still, this is rather far from the truth as there are many great choices on the cheaper side. It is important to remember that the experience of a good smoke is highly personal, hence a good rule of thumb is to always use and trust your senses to rate a cigar instead of thinking about the cost of the stick.

These are the 5 best cheap cigars according to experienced cigar enthusiast Jamie "Jayjcigars" Johnston.The cigars are not arranged in any particular order as they are all rather equally great in different ways. Let's get to it.


the 5 best budget cigars


  • Quintero Favoritos - $93 for a box of 25 from iHavanas. 50 ring gauge x 115mm,  Fantastic construction for a short filler cigar,  medium strength and wonderful flavour. A nice thick ring gauge on this well made machine rolled Cuban.  A great all day smoke!



a great choice for cheap cigar


  • Jose L Piedra Petit Cazadores - €43 per box of 25 from selected-cigars. 43 ring gauge x 105mm. Mild to medium strength with great light Cuban flavour. Wonderful breakfast cigar with a nice coffee.



tasty budget smoke


  • Partagas Aristocrats - €70 for a box of 25 from Montefortuna. 40 Ring Gauge x 129mm,  Medium strength. Delicious Partagas flavour and a great size cigar for the price.


top 5 cheap cigars

  • Bolivar Petit Coronas - $125 for a box of 25 from iHavanas. 42 Ring Gauge x 129mm. Typical Bolivar strength and rich deliciousflavour with beautiful dark oily wrappers.  Amazing smoke for the end of a long day.



top 5 cigars


  • Rafael Gonzalez Perlas - €106 for a box of 25 from Selected-cigars. 42 Ring Gauge x 129mm. Lovely breakfast cigar, medium strength and a lot of light flavour. This is one ofJay's all time favourite cigars, especially with some age, then they are fantastic!



Cheap but good cigar


"Personally I don’t think price has a whole lot to do with quality and taste of a cigar. Of course, construction is usually slightly better on more expensive cigars and limitadas etc. But for every day smokes at affordable prices, you cannot go wrong with these 5 best cheap cigars! Often you can find boxes with a couple of years age on them and then the experience is really something extra. The flavours on these cigars, to me at least, are as rich and enjoyable as some of the more expensive cigars out there. Have fun with it!"

- Jamie Johnston


Thank you Jamie for the interesting discussion and these great suggestions of tasty cheap smokes! If you are interested in seeing more cigar related content from Jamie, you can follow him here: "Jayjcigars" on Instagram

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September 9th, 2019