Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm – Beard Care Products Explained

Beard Oil vs. Beard Balm – Beard Care Products Explained

We often get questions regarding all the different beard care products available on the market today. This post can be seen as an introduction to the most common and used products for beard and mustache.


So there is Beard Oil, Beard Balm, Beard Wax, Moustache Wax,  Shampoos, different combs & brushes and so on, so we know this can be a bit tricky sometimes. Even though you don't need every single product there is for your beard, almost all of them have some good characteristics and features to offer. In this post we'll explain Beard Balm, Oil & Wax and make sure you have all the necessary information to choose the best suiting products for you.

Beard Oil

Probably one of the first things you will hear about when speaking about beards and everything that comes with it. Beard oil is simply an oil mixture that moisturizes your beard and also the skin underneath. Oil is the number one weapon to fight dry skin, flaking and itchy beard with. It softens up the beard and make it a bit easier to manage. Even though there is no hold in the product it will make your beard easier to manage. Also it just makes your beard look so much better and healthier!

Oil is usually applied after a shower when the pores are open. Apply to towel-dried or blow-dried beard. Make sure to really rub the oil into your skin and moustache area. For more instructions go here.

Beard Oil can consist of a bunch of different carrier oils and essential oils to promote different features and scents. Our oil for example is made of natural ingredients that form a bit thicker blend that will stay in your beard all day even in temperatures far below 0 degrees Celsius, this without feeling heavy when applied in the beard. Our scent is not too strong so it fits most men, the scent consists of Neroli and Eucalyptus.



Beard Balm

So what is really a Beard Balm then? Well The difference between oil vs. beard balm is first of all the fact that the balm is not liquid. It sits nicely in a can from where you scrape up an amount of balm with your thumbnail and then rub it between your hands until it melts. Then apply from the neck and up and style both beard and moustache with it. If you are only using balm you should also make sure that you are rubbing it into the skin.

Beard Balm have same features as beard oil but also usually consists of Beeswax and Butters (shea butter and cocoa butter), at least our balm do. These ingredients makes it work wonders for styling and holding your beard throughout the day. At the same time there is a bit less oils in a balm so even though it moisturizes and softens up your beard it is not as effective as beard oil in that area. Usually it’s enough though and I have to say that my personal beard care favorite is in fact the actually the Balm.


So a great balm should be enough on its own. It should be easy to get from the can with your nail, melt nicely after a few seconds of intense rubbing between your hands (to get it heated up) and then be nice and easy to apply into your beard. It should moisturize your skin, soften up your beard and keep it in place while looking on point all day. A nice scent that fits you is of course also an important part. A Balm is a better fit than to only use oil for people with bigger beards. This is because then you usually need a product with better hold to get the preferred style and look.

Beard Wax

Quite often we hear that people are mistaking Beard Wax and Moustache wax to be the same product. They are not, even though they have the same mission really. Beard Wax is a bit lighter and easier to apply than Moustache Wax since you should be able to get this around in your beard fairly easily. It's a bit like a balm but does not contain any oils that take care of your skin and softens up your beard properly. Instead it's more of a styling product for bigger beards where oils and balms are simply not enough. Beard Wax usually feels heavier in the beard than a balm because the ingredients used are made to promote hold mainly. Usually Beeswax and Lanolin are used in these. A good beard oil would be recommended when using beard wax to prevent dry skin & beard and itching.


Moustache Wax

At last we have Moustache wax, or mustache wax, however you prefer. This usually comes in a small 10-20g tin since you do not use much at all at a time. Moustache wax is more of a straight up styling product than a caring product. The hold is one of the most important factors when speaking of moustache wax. Our wax is a bit stiffer than many other products because we feel this works best for most users. It works great for both keeping stubborn hairs out of your mouth and to get a good natural shape as it does for making a classic and timeless handlebar moustache. Moustache wax can contain scent or not depending on your own preference. Our wax have a subtle scent of Neroli and Eucalyptus to match nicely with our other beard care products. If you are thinking about how to apply moustache wax, go and take a look here.



Short and concise explanation:


Beard Oil - Fits most users and is a great complement for any other product because of its moisturizing nature. Perfect to start with.

Beard Balm - Excellent choice for an all-round product for bigger beards with both great hold and moisturizing effects.

Beard Wax - Fits big beards where the other products are simply not enough and where styling is the main goal.

Moustache Wax - Great complement for everyone with stubborn hairs that gets close to the mouth or simply for well-styled whiskers



December 8th, 2017.

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