Do you really have to use Beard Oil and Mustache Wax?

Do you really have to use Beard Oil and Mustache Wax?



If you are an Experienced Beard Bearer you might have read articles like this before. But we know that there are a lot of questions out there and that's why we'll try to answer a few of these in this blog post!

So, beard care. Do you really need it?

Of course not. The sun will rise in the morning even if you would never use it, as Obama would have said.

No but really, Beard Care products such as Beard Oil and Mustache Wax does have a few proper advantages.  Especially now when it's cold like in a polar bear's arse.

There are also other beard care products that could work almost as an substitute, But in this article we'll discuss the most basic products that we think works for everybody.


To get started, we want to ask you that grow your beard a few questions.  Do you think it grows perfectly straight and exactly how you want it? Without itching? Does it look fantastic also straight from getting out of bed? No it doesn't usually, at least not for me.

But don't you worry, this is exactly why there is a thing called Beard Oil. Beard oil moisturizes your beard and skin underneath and makes it a lot more easy to manage. This makes it possible for you to grow a bigger, better looking beard. When it's cold, like now, this is even more important. Your skin becomes dry fast when it's cold and this makes Beard Oil more relevant during winter.

Most Beard Oils also prevents inflammation and nourish the skin while also giving your beard a nice scent.

You might have experienced your beard "snowing" at some point. In other words, dandruff. Dead skin cells from your skin underneath your beard snowing down on your black T-shirt. Yes this is disgusting and very unpleasant (read itchy AF), but very, very common. A good beard oil will make this a thing of the past.

Beard Oil is good for many things and can be quite important if you want to grow a thick and big beard. But it will also help smaller beards with the same things. Things like itching, dry skin and dry and spiky beard. Try it for yourself and you will quickly notice the difference.

Mustache Wax then?

Mustache wax has some of the same advantages as Beard oil. It moisturizes and nourish the skin and beard but usually you want to use this product to get the look right. You've seen some cool "Handlebar" Mustaches somewhere right? Yes, that's Mustache Wax.


So mustache wax is used mostly to manage your mustache and to "learn" the hairs to grow as you want them to. You can use mustache wax both with smaller natural looking staches just the get the look exactly right, but also in bigger mustaches where it can be a must to get food into your mouth and not just hairs. Or to get a classy and timeless handlebar look (show us by tagging #sisuman on IG)

Many waxes contain Lanolin, and this is very effective for dry skin while also preventing rashes. Lanolin is also one of the main ingredient in most lip balms and this makes mustaches waxes also good for that at the same time.

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