Cigar Ashtray

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Cigar Ashtray from

  • – Simple yet clean design
  • – Two sided model, 2 different ashtrays in one
  • – Robust build in Aluminium
  • – Small and portable


Size: 48mm x 140mm x 32mm

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 300g


Clean, robust and simple ashtray in aluminium, made for a single cigar. The ashtray has two different sides that can be used. One with longer rest for the cigar but smaller tray as well as one with shorter rest but bigger tray for the ashes.

Ideal for most solo cigar enjoying moments and simply a perfect match to our cigar lighter and cutter. Get the full bundle with all our most popular cigar accessories here.



1 review for Cigar Ashtray

  1. Sebastian Frosch

    Allways a great Seller with great Support!

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