Cigar Scissors

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Cigar cutter from

  • – Robust build in stainless steel with razor sharp blades for a clean cut
  • – 2 Year warranty, good for a life time if cared for
  • – Delivered in a neat matte black gift box together with a black protective leather case with stamped in trademark logo

Material 2,5mm Stainless steel

Size: 11,9cm x 5,6cm

Weight: 52g


Our own cigar cutter has landed. Simple yet neatly designed cigar scissors in stainless steel with razor sharp blades. This cutter works with any normal cigar gauge and provides a clean and elegant cut.  Good for a lifetime if cared for correctly!

Delivered in an immaculate matte black box together with a protective leather case with stamped trademark Sisuman logo. Bring your cutter everywhere with ease in the slick protective leather case delivered with your new scissors.

Using cigar scissors for cutting the cap of your favourite cigar is according to us, as well as many others, the most elegant way of cutting your cigar. It  may require a bit more practise and careful hand than the typical guillotine cutters, but does provide the same clean cut when used correctly. This while offering more control over the cut as well as a few more jealous eyes. Cigar scissors is an alternative way of cutting your cigar, for the more elitist cigar enthusiasts out there.

This cigar cutter is made to pair well together with our popular soft flame lighter.  You can find that one here. These two  cigar accessories make up for an elegant combo together for your everyday needs or for special occasions.

1 review for Cigar Scissors

  1. Jamie Johnston

    I have been lucky enough to be one of the first people to use the stunning new scissor cutter from Sisuman. The design is beautiful with a wide, comfortable grip and the cut is razor sharp. I like that you can easily see the top of the cigar when cutting so you can easily decide how much to cut off. The case is a fantastic addition which protects the cutter nicely. Very pleased with this stunning accessory – a perfect partner for the Sisuman soft flame lighter

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