Cigar Stand (Limited Edition)


Limited edition Cigar Stand from

  • – Small and portable
  • – Foldable design
  • – Durable and water resistant
  • – Limited Edition, only 200pcs will ever be made
  • – Delivered in a small & neat fabric bag


Size: 50mm x 24mm x 12mm

Material: Purpleheart wood


 Limited Edition Cigar Stand with a fresh and one of a kind design, made in Purpleheart wood.

Our latest product is a foldable, pocket sized Cigar Stand made in the very durable and beautifully unique material: Purpleheart wood. The stand is a limited edition product, only 200 handmade products will be made. Every stand is individually numbered by hand (0-200). Comes delivered in a neat little fabric bag with Sisuman logo on.

When folded in, the Cigar Stand measures only 50mm in length, 24mm wide and 12mm thick. A well-placed magnet keeps it firmly closed when not in use. The folding mechanism makes a very satisfying “click” when folding back into pocket size. Read: you might end up doing this quite a lot while smoking your cigars.

The stand fits well for cigars up to 60 ring gauge.

The material and slick design of this cigar stand makes it very durable considering its small size. Purpleheart is also water resistant and with the two layers of clear coat applied, it can handle most climates well.

However, it is still an organic material and might change slightly in color overtime. Especially if left in the sun for long periods of time. Purpleheart can also cause minor allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. However, the two layers of clear coat definitely minimize the odds of this ever happening.

Made in cooperation with Elnic Design.


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