Mustache Wax 15g

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Size: 15 ml


Beeswax, Lanolin, Coconut oil and Essential oils (Neroli & Eucalyptus)

Fragrance: SISU

Mustache wax tames your Stache and keeps it looking on point for the whole day. This product makes your mustache shine while still looking natural. Lanolin have also other proven benefits, for example it moisturizes your skin.

SISUMAN Mustache wax is a fairly stiff wax with good hold, works good for the average user. A good allround wax that fits most styles!

Luonnollinen viiksivaha, käsintehty Suomessa.


Moustache Wax

If you are searching for a solid, natural and fair priced product this is the place for you! Sisuman Moustache Wax is made deep down in the Finnish forest, close to the manly roots & values. The wax works great for both smaller moustaches as well as to bigger ones to keep the hairs out of your mouth and for styling purpose.  For natural everyday look as well as for handlebar styled moustache! The product moisturise your skin underneath meanwhile aligning your hairs and giving a great look throughout the day!

How to apply:
Scrape off a small amount of SISUMAN wax with your nail of thumb or forefinger. Then rub the wax back and forth between your fingers to warm it up. The wax will become easy workable when it is warm. After this, you should begin to work the wax in to your moustache from the center and out to the tips of the moustache, mold and shape, as you prefer! If you have a big moustache or trying to do a crazy style on it, it’s possible to do these steps an additional time to achieve desirable results.

You can find tips and videos under the link ”Beard care”.

4 reviews for Mustache Wax 15g

  1. Joni H

    Really great wax.
    Good hold.
    Smell is mild.. what is good, because it is under nose.
    Easy spread to your mustache.


  2. Niklas

    Finally found something tamed the travesty under my nose that people call moustache. Holds great and the smell’s mild and pleasant.
    Highly recommend!

  3. Daniel Sjödén

    Best one so far! Good smell, melts easy between your fingers and apply in the moustache. Good hold.
    Can highly recommend this wax!

  4. Sami

    Ehdottomasti paras kokeilemani viiksivaha. Vain yksi muu vaha tarjoaa yhtä hyvää pitoa, ja sekin on Ruotsalaista. Kotimaisuus nostaa tämän ykköspaikalle. Alkuun toivoin tähän jotakin tuoksua mukaan, nyt olen todennut että neutraalisuus toimii loistavasti. 5/5

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