The SISUMAN Lighter

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Soft Flame Butane Lighter from

  • – Robust Lighter in brushed steel
  • – 2 Year warranty
  • – Works with gas as fuel
  • – Delivered in a hefty matte black gift box with spare flint stones + some extra must have Sisuman Stickers


  • We’ll let the pictures explain the rest


(The Lighter is sold empty, without gas)


This Soft Flame Butane Lighter works with lighter gas as fuel and lights up every time, no more hassle.

The Sisuman soft flame butane Lighter comes in a hefty matte black box together with additional flint stones and a 2 Year warranty.  It’s also possible to buy spare parts from us. This to make sure that you have your lighter situation figured out many years to come. Customer satisfaction means everything to us. That is why you can expect great customer service as well when buying this neat piece of gear from us.

“To say the least, a very robust retro styled Lighter in brushed steel”

The lighter works perfectly for lighting up that special cigar, pipe or cigarette with. Or why not for every occasion where a lighter is needed? The Sisuman lighter is loved and used daily by cigar enthusiasts all around the world because of its hefty and clean soft flame, robust build quality and neat vintage look. Having a great lighter for all occasions is something that is ridiculously appreciated by us, and we really think it is exactly the same for You.

(The Lighter is sold empty, without gas)


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7 reviews for The SISUMAN Lighter

  1. Nagarebozhi

    One of the best looking lighters I ever have seen, good flame, looks awesome, little vintage/steampunk over it. Higley recommend it even if you not smoke, it looks damn cool on your bookcase.

  2. Joe

    This is amazing! Looks like a rugged Dunhill lighter, feels great to hold and use with a nice weight to it. Works fantastically, perfect for cigars. Looks, feels and is a great quality item, and at the price is an absolute bargain. Can’t recommend highly enough

  3. Stef

    Great lighter – it looks and feel great.
    Consider to do a version with a jetflame butane – it would be even better when lighting cigars.

    • admin

      Thank you for the feedback Stef! We’ll definitely consider this for the future.

  4. Kim

    I don’t even smoke but just had to buy this lighter because of the engineered design. Turned out to be such an awesome gimmick to play with that I had to buy a couple for my friends also.
    Really nice quality, as someone else stated a real bargain at this price. Highly recommended!

  5. Chris A

    I am an advid cigar smoker and I just recently purchased this lighter. I wanted it for the pure styling and function that the lighter represents. The flame is soft and gives an air of distinction that sometimes gets lost with torch flames. It looks great and my friends really like the styling of it as well. Very satisfied.

  6. Chris Almén

    First saw this lighter on the cigar forums on Instagram. Immediately knew I had to have it! Happy to see it met my expectations. It is a vintage steampunk looking lighter that has some weight to it. Well built no fuss. I love it! Draws attention as soon as I pull it out. Happy with my purchase!

  7. Filip

    The level of quality this product brings is simply outstanding. The design is clasy, timeless and it does make heads turn when you are lighting whatever. I thought the pricing was a little steep at first, but after receiving the lighter I quickly changed my mind. This lighter will last you a lifetime.

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