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Beard Care Package

Beard Care Package

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SISUMAN Beard Care Package contains:

1 x 30ml Beard oil bottle
1 x 15ml Mustache wax
1 x Steel Comb
1x Small vintage style fabric bag with Sisuman Logo
2x Stickers

Luonnollinen ja käsintehty parranhoitopaketti Suomesta!

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Here is the Beard Care Package for the serious Beard bearer!

If you are not currently grasping the essence of manliness that is your Beard. Well, frankly. This is probably not the place for you.

The Beard Care Package contains the following:

Mustache wax

Size: 15 ml


Beeswax, Lanolin, Coconut oil and Essential oils (Neroli & Eucalyptus)

Fragrance: SISU

Mustache wax tames your Stache and keeps it looking on point for the whole day. This product makes your mustache shine while still looking natural. Lanolin have also other proven benefits, for example it moisturizes your skin.

SISUMAN Mustache wax is a fairly stiff wax with good hold, works good for the average user. A good all-round wax that fits most styles!

Beard oil

Stainless steel bottle with metal lid & laser printed logo

Size: 30 ml


Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and as essential oils Neroli & Eucalyptus

Fragrance: SISU

This oil keeps your beard and skin moisturized and healthy while your beard is easy to manage. It also prevents inflammation and nourish the skin, and yeah it smells good too! Our oil is a bit thicker than many others on the market an this makes the oil to last long and work good in all climates.

Steel Comb

Hair and Beard Comb made in 1,5mm Stainless steel.

Works as:

  • Bottle opener
  • Wrench (10,8,7,5 mm)

 Delivered in a neat metal enclosure.

Lasts at least a lifetime.

This comb might be a bit more rough to really sensitive beards than a comb made of wood or plastic.

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