Sisuman Stories 1

We have encountered a lot of Men with SISU already at this point so we created a blog to write some stories about these highly interesting Men down. So let’s jump right to the action!

The Finnish word “Sisu” means something like Grit, guts and strength. It’s about taking action against the odds. Men that constantly work towards their goals despite repeated failures have Sisu. Sisu is determination and a really, really good attribute to have .

Speaking of that, let us present our first Ambassador here. Jesse Teräsahde!


  • Name: Jesse Teräsahde
  • What he do: Skate, grow beard, work with construction, spend time with his family and occasionally enjoy a beer or two.

Not that long ago Jesse thought about how much skating really ment to him and came up with a nice little charity act to bring some extra joy into some rough times. He came up with the idea to donate a special Skate board and some other stuff to a little man that have had more adversity in his life already than many of us will ever experience. Olli.

So Jesse came up with a board and took Putka Tattoo’s Rikutorso to help him make it one of a kind and totally awesome, so awesome that he had to give Olli another board too to actually use 🙂


Jesse scheduled a date and took his friend Hannu Luukkonen with him to drive him there. Olli and Jesse had scheduled a skate session! The pictures are better suited to explain the rest, even shitty weather and a bit of flu couldn’t touch this moment.

img-20161101-wa0006 img-20161101-wa0005 img-20161101-wa0001

Some say that Sisu is hard to spot, but we wouldn’t say so. These both guys have some serious amount of it, that’s for sure.

We wish Olli a lot of joy on the board, show us some tricks soon!


If you want to follow Jesse more, make sure to follow him at Instagram under the name “xobeythebeardx”.

Enjoy your weekend ppl!