How to use Beard Oil and Mustache Wax

How to use Beard Oil and Mustache Wax

We recommend applying beard oil and mustache wax after a shower when the beard is light & clean and your pores are open. So the first step is to take a shower and dry your beard with a towel.


Comb through your beard and let it dry a bit. You can also use a blow dryer for instant result and to get the beard a bit easier to manage.


Pour a few drops oil on your fingers as shown in the video or in your palm. How much depends on the beard. If you do it like in the video you’ll minimize the amount of wasted oil and at the same time you will keep your bottle clean. Use about 3 drops of oil for smaller beards and up to 8+ drops for bigger 12 months + beards.


Work the oil into your beard, skin and mustache. The beard should become soft and easy to manage while not being greasy. Dose the oil according to the results you seek. 

At last. Comb and shape your beard as you want it. Combing also helps to distribute the oil to all areas of the beard.

Scrape off a small amount of Mustache wax with, for example, your thumb nail. Rub the wax between your fingers to warm it up before applying it to your mustache. 


Work the wax into your mustache as in the video for a natural look. If you want the “handlebar” look, apply more product and twist the ends. Find out what works best for you. More wax, better hold!

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