Humidors & Humidity

Why humidor for cigars?

Humidors keeps your cigars fresh by keeping the moisture level steady at roughly 70%. This makes sure that your Cigar's aroma is kept and that it burns even and nicely when enjoyed.

A dry cigar's wrapper can also completely unravel and is definitely not very enjoyable to smoke.

Can humidor fix dry cigars?

Yes it can, as long as the wrapper is intact there is a good chance that your dry cigar could be restored. For example, simply by using a Boveda humidity pack and an airtight container, like a travel humidor. Re-hydrate the cigar(s) for roughly a month.

Which Boveda for cigars?

Simply put, 69% RH is the most common and widely used for Premium cigars.

How many boveda packs do i need?

General Rule of Thumb is that 1x 60g Boveda bag is good for every 25 cigars. So for a humidor suitable for 50 cigars at least 2x 60g Boveda packs are needed, for 250 cigars you would need 10+ 60g Boveda packs.

The 8g model is made for travel humidors and other airtight containers for roughly 5 cigars or less.

Boveda, when to replace?

Boveda packs usually lasts 2 to 4 months in a wooden humidor, from 6 to 9 months in an airtight humidor and one year in a Boveda Humidor Bag.

The Boveda pack should be changed when it is rock solid everywhere.

Boveda, where to buy?

Cigar Lighters & How to Light

Which cigar lighter is best?

There is not only one option here unfortunately as it comes down to preference. The most important thing to consider is that the lighter works with a clean burning source such as Butane, that does not taint the taste of your cigar.

Torch Lighters are faster & often easier to light cigars with as well as more windproof. However, they usually require more frequent refills.

Soft Flame Lighters on the other hand can offer more control and does not scorch your cigar as easily. Less frequent refills are also required compared to the torch. However, they are very sensitive to wind.

Where to light cigar?

You should light your cigar in the foot end. In other words, the end that is not closed off with wrapper.

How to light cigar?

In short: Preheat your cigar foot without it touching the flame, rotating the cigar, until evenly blacked. With a soft flame lighter this means right above the flame itself. With a torch lighter you need to keep the cigar further away from the flame.

Once ready, put your cigar in your mouth and light once again, if needed, while puffing. This until you have an even burn.

Don't rush! Take your time & Enjoy.

Cigar Cutters & Cutting

Why use cigar cutter?

Cigar cutters are used to create a smooth opening on your cigar that won't damage the cigar's structure as well as keep pieces of tobacco out of your mouth during the smoking experience.