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Torch Lighter

Torch Lighter

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– Robust Torch Lighter in brushed steel
– Built-in razor-sharp cigar punch
– 2 Year warranty
– Works with butane as fuel
– Delivered in a hefty matte black gift box with spare flint stones + some extra must have Sisuman Stickers
– Size: 45x60x16 (mm)
– Weight: 115g

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This Torch Lighter works with Butane and lights up every time, no more hassle.

After many years of selling our Soft Flame lighter to cigar enthusiasts around the world, it was about time to release our Torch model due to popular request. A bit bigger, heavier and even more robust than its soft flame counterpart!

Dual jet flame that lights up every time, no more hassle.

The lighter also features a razor-sharp built-in cigar punch to make this the only piece of kit you need to enjoy a cigar on the go!

This Sisuman Torch Lighter is delivered in a hefty matte black box together with additional flint stones. 2 Year warranty. It is also possible to buy spare parts from us to make sure that you have your lighter situation figured out for many many years to come.

To have a great lighter for all occasions is something that is ridiculously appreciated by us, and we think it’s the same for You.

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