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Cigar Accessory Bundle

Cigar Accessory Bundle

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A Cigar Accessory Set curated for the discerning cigar aficionado. This premium package includes:

1x Torch Lighter with built-in Cigar Punch
1x Cigar Scissors
1x Cigar Ashtray

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Complete Your Cigar Collection with Our Premium Cigar Accessory Bundle.

 Get all our Cigar Accessories at once in one Cigar kit. Perfect as a gift set to any cigar enthusiast!

Curated for the discerning cigar aficionado. This premium package includes:

- Torch Lighter: Ignite Your Cigar Passion with our Vintage styled Cigar Lighter, designed for enthusiasts. Powerful, clean-burning jet flame. Built-in Cigar Punch. Elegant matte black box. Windproof and refillable, of course!

- Razor-sharp Cigar Scissors: Precision-engineered Cigar cutter for the perfect cut. Stainless steel craftsmanship ensures optimal enjoyment.

- Double-sided Aluminum Ashtray: Elevate your cigar experience with our sleek Aluminum Ashtray. Minimalist cigar rest for a single cigar. Enjoy every moment.

In short, what the bundle contains:

1x Torch Butane Lighter
1x Cigar Scissors in stainless steel
1x Cigar Ashtray in aluminum


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bestoon Samad

The torch only one time work and finish after it is not good

If you are having any kind of problem, just reach out to for help!

Andreas Winkler
Finnish Heavy Metal

Herr we see, Finnish Heavy Metal is not only Nightwish, Lordi, Finntroll and so on.
No, there‘s also Sisuman!!!!
Real Finnish Heavy metal!!
Perfect Material, solid, high Quality!
Cigar-Accessoires at it’s best!!

Gerhard Benes

Simply the Best! :-)

Steven Solero
A very satisfied customer

Happy with what I got. Thank you.


I love the Sisuman accessory bundle. I searched for it after reading a really good review of the Sisuman cigar cutter in Cigar Aficionado magazine. I’ve been looking for a good cutter for a long time and never found one I like that is reasonably priced. I almost didn’t buy the accessory bundle because I’ve always used a torch lighter to light my cigars. However, I highly recommend the Sisuman soft flame lighter now that I’m using it because, unlike the torch, the soft flame doesn’t scorch and alter the flavor of your fine tobacco. These products are solid and feel great to hold and touch. They are straight forward to use, not overly complicated with too many tools that you don’t really need for smoking a cigar. The design is awesome, both functional and aesthetically appealing. I enjoyed my communications with the company rep.

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